Life Force is the Universal Energy in all. In Yogic Science, its called Prana. The Japanese call it Ki, as in Reiki. You may be most familiar with the Chinese term, Chi. How easy it is to forget that we are energy. Like electricity powers, or animates the laptop or toaster, Prana powers, animates our physical bodies. Without electricity, a laptop is just a hunk of plastic, glass, wiring and circuits – all made of the elements formed in the act of creation, from and after the Big Bang. They too, just like our physical bodies, are stardust.

Chakras, our main energy centers, integrate into our physical bodies and pretty much run all of the systems and processes in our bodies. The chakras are like power stations. They house and distribute the Life Force throughout our bodies. Without Prana, we too are simply a hunk of matter, “skin and bones”, elements that make up our cells, muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs and systems. Just like the laptop is a bunch of elements brilliantly imagined, evolved then created, but inanimate and redundant without power, Prana means life. It acts like electricity to make us “alive”.

Your Life Force is directly affected by the conscious and unconscious choices you make! Our  work together will not only focus on your Soul Blueprint, who you really are at Soul level. We will also discuss and improve your access to Life Force by understanding, releasing and healing the energetic consequences of past negative choices. These choices, made through the Universal Law of Free Will, automatically impact the quality of your life, lifetime after lifetime. Often, just clearing those choices, literally quantum shifts your life experience!

You can also discover techniques and methods to maintain and further improve your Life Force.

Many inspired Blessings to all,


                                                        Unlimited Life Force is available to All