Mystics, scientists, artists and philosophers have long been aware that our thoughts are a highly significant factor in determining our “reality”. The brilliant human brain is said to be the most complex object in the universe. Yet scientists admit that they are not even close to understanding how it works. It is indeed a remarkable phenomenon. But it is just a machine, a complex set of “wiring”. Energy travelling at “mind-blowing” speeds. Pathways of Light. Electrical energy making connections, triggering mind and body responses.

Like the hardware of your laptop needs software and electricity, the physical brain needs fuel and thought to animate it – conscious, sub and unconscious thoughts manifest in our experience. Scientists measure these thoughts as electronic impulses. Force, via Life Force (see blog on Life Force) enables the synapses to fire and the neurons to activate along pathways in the brain. These pathways only exist because we think and feel. Thoughts are the software that animate the hardware – the physical brain.

But it is essential to understand that thoughts have vibrational qualities. They are, and have, an energetic expression. That expression creates our “reality”. Negative thought forms are “thought-energies” in our energy field. They can have a profound effect on our lives and can even be sensed by others. Negative thought forms impact how we treat ourselves and how others treat us.

So whose thoughts are you having? Where do they come from? Are they your own thoughts? Or are they an expression of powerful, age-old, often negative societal, religious and familial conditioning? Until and unless we free ourselves from the eternal karmic consequences of controlling negative thoughts and consequential choices made, we are destined to perpetuate a kind of slavery, from lifetime to lifetime.

Free will is a sublime gift from The Divine. Humans are the only creatures on this extraordinary planet who have been given this power. It is our birthright. The tools for Freedom have long been available. We can choose the perpetual slavery of negative choices, or begin to surrender into The Yoga of The Self – The Sacred Fire that transmutes all – all that is NOT The Self. The wisdom is always available –  but it requires courage, will, effort … and love to choose the path to True Freedom!

We are part of an unimaginable, magical matrix of light. We humans transmute and transform matter into our physical reality – our homes, clothes, delicious dishes, computers or rocket ships to explore space. There is, as Freddy Mercury sang, “a kind of magic” at play. That is worthy of deep contemplation, of wonder and gratitude.

What we think we experience, now, next week or next lifetime. That is Universal Law. We are powerful beyond our common understanding. For thousands of years, we have been taught to surrender our power to outside authority. Now is the time of Miracles. We are experiencing a profound shift in the consciousness of our magnificent Earth and all who dwell on it. Now, more than any other time in modern human history, there are opportunities to engage with your Divinity.

Healing, or releasing negative thought forms, is a powerful way to lighten the journey.

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Jadav “Molai” Payeng – Miracle Forest Man

How Loving Choices Create Miracles, Beauty and True Wealth.

In 1969, a massive flood was followed by a catastrophic drought in Majuli Island, Asam, India. Scientists declared that this river island would be dead, a wasteland, within years.

But a 16-year-old hero was in waiting. Local Jadav “Molai” Payeng reminds us what we are capable of – kindness, positive, determined and loving choices create miracles, beauty and true wealth.

Single-handedly, Jadav, now in his late 50’s, has manifested a 1360 acre forest out of a catastrophe. Hand in hand with Mother Nature, he has birthed an entirely new eco-system, gently (judging by the kindness flowing from his face) planting a sapling every single day, for over thirty years! One could say that his forest is his “Tree of Life”. He does not have a degree in horticulture, or management, or natural sciences. But out of devastation, one human being has created a shining Emerald green Eden out of a Void, one choice at a time. His story touched me deeply and inspired this blog.

Our miraculous, exquisite Divine Mother Earth is under constant attack from a largely unconscious modern society. Our disrespect of Divine Nature, upsetting its ingenious balance and unfathomable generosity, is having a disastrous effect  – climate change, destruction and suffering. Over the past year alone, there have been record-breaking catastrophic storms, fires, droughts, massive ice-melt in The Arctic, unprecedented recession of glaciers, the extinction of rare species and the radical depletion and pollution of our oceans. There are many more examples, resulting in huge loss of life, habitat and property around the world. Not to mention war and slavery, still pervasive in the 21st century, but the latter are topics for another day.

Choices, based on the toxic modern expression of greed and fear, result in a shocking imbalance in nature and in humanity itself. Humanity’s detrimental effect on our environment is scientifically undeniable. Choice and consequence – cause and effect (karma) – through the Divine Gift of Free Will, cause suffering and pain or upliftment and prosperity for The Highest Good and for The Good of All.

Jadav “Molai” Payeng is an astonishing human being. He doesn’t own Jadav Towers, isn’t a Bollywood star, run a bank or a country. He isn’t a God-like Indian cricketer, a cricket-nuts country at his feet. He comes from a humble background. He has already given infinitely more than he will ever take. Our unique, magnificent Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to enjoy abundant lives, to use in creation or destruction. We combine our resources – science and Mother Nature’s bounty – to build rocket ships to explore our solar system and beyond, more inspiring endeavour to expand and advance our civilization. Or we attach war heads to rockets with the intent to create devastation and untold suffering.

Every single choice we make is based, one way or another, in love or in fear. Jadav’s choices are clear. Where desolation once was, beauty, new life and true wealth now reign. The “Forest Molai”, appropriately named after Jadav, is now double the size of New York’s Central Park! Royal Bengal tigers, elephants, deer, rhinos, reptiles, wild boars and abundant bird life inhabit a forest – courageously created out of kindness – a kind of love – by just one man. Jadav says his forest is like his family. He plans to plant 5000 more acres of trees on Majuli. Once he has achieved that, and there’s little doubt that he will do it, he will have created a 500-kilometre expanse of beauty, a radiant nursery for flora and fauna on the banks of Brahmaputra River. It’s fair to say that Jadav is a healer and a shining light for all humanity.

Not everyone dreams of creating a thriving forest, but everyone can make choices based in kindness and love, serving our individual and therefore collective Divinity. When one person engages in Self-love, one act of kindness offered to another, a single positive uplifting word or gesture, we all heal a little (or a lot) and our consciousness is raised – often, such choices literally change lives. Healing our truly extraordinary planet is a necessary healing for all, because everything is multi-dimensional and interconnected. It starts with us, one loving choice at a time.

The Forest Man’s choices, his kind love and efforts to make a greener world, have earned him the highest civilian award in India, the Padma Shri, which he received in 2015. This humble villager’s forest is a gift to India, nature, humanity and the whole world.

A hero made a positive choice. And he has stuck to it, every single day, for over three decades. He shines as an example of employing the Sanskrit Yogic term “Ekagrata”: “one-pointed”. It means a one-pointed focus and pursuit of one matter, absolute attention and undisturbed concentration. It is achieved through consistent, determined practice of meditation. Implementing these practices, the Yogi is able to eliminate all distractions from their consciousness. Westerners may call this keeping focussed on the goal. Jadav initially faced much resistance from his community. Fortunately he was single-minded. Observing devastation opened his heart. “Ekagrata” keeps the mind grounded and calm as we pursue our aim.

Many, perhaps most Westerners who practice Asana (Yoga postures) have an entirely mistaken concept of Yoga.  Yoga is not about “body-beautiful”, it’s about attaining Union with one’s Divinity – our True Nature. Jadav, in many ways, could be called a Yogi, employing a concept in Yogic Science to breathe oxygen, life, love, beauty and benefit into his and all of our collective environment – into our collective consciousness.

Jadav is Listening. He has Aligned his Heart (emotion) and his will (mind) with his intention (body/action) – that is True Yoga. Miracles. True inspiration. And who doesn’t need a bit of that!

Like most of us on this amazing planet, I personally have experienced relative upheaval. But Light often emerges from darkness. I found ways to begin an ongoing healing journey that continues to change, to empower, to expand and enrich my life and the lives of many others. It’s as if I am planting my own metaphorical forest. I would consider it a privilege to assist you in doing the same, one positive choice at a time.

  • The real you is who you are at Soul level
  • The Akashic Records are The  Library of your Soul
  • Illumined Prosperity is your Birthright and Natural State
  • Choose to discover and heal current and past life choices that cause your ongoing suffering to realign with your Divinity
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You can see Jadav and his Forest here:
https://youtube/-wX12Tq_o44 (2min34sec);
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vPFF03JC20 (7min55sec).

Many Inspired Blessings to All.