About Soul Offering

Welcome to Soul Offering.

Empowerment   Truth   Transformation

”You are not just a human being having the occasional spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience”. That’s become a modern “spiritual cliché” that you may have heard. But, it IS universal truth. Everything changes when one connects with one’s inner Self – The True Self. Society’s deeply conditioned beliefs are hugely limiting, because in Truth, we are a  matrix of  multi-dimensional expressions of Divine Light, of Divine Love, Divine Energy.

The Akashic Records are the “database” of the Soul, the Eternal Library of the Soul. They contain revealing, fascinating and enlightening Soul information – the TRUTH of who you really are.

  • My Healing Practice offers a safe, empowering and enlightening space to delve into your Divinity and to HEAL any or all aspects of your life
  • Discover and understand your SOUL PROFILE  and SACRED PRESENCE to align your human expression with your Divinity
  • HEAL past and current life negative CHOICES to create opportunities for profound TRANSFORMATION
  • Your Self-knowledge and Self-understanding will quantum shift
  • Your SOUL INFORMATION is weaved together with ancient wisdom – Buddhist and Yogic science, Yogic philosophy and MetaConvergence©,  offering clarity and understanding about YOU in the universe
  • Your understanding of Universal Law is enhanced to shape a new “reality”
  • REMEMBERING the Soul in the human experience is life changing –  It is you!

My practice does not offer psychic predictions or fortune telling.

My work is non-denominational, employing Universal Truth and Spiritual Law.

I love the idea that we are all characters in a movie – our human experience is a reflection on the screen of the ordinary senses. Quantum Science has been discovering proof of multidimensionality for decades. The Universe is holographic in nature. Recognising one’s Divinity or spiritual nature, that everyone’s Divine birth right is Joy, Grace, Ease, Prosperity and Peace, is profoundly life-changing. This is our Natural State.

Our Divine Right is free will. The choices we make, through the expression of free will, literally manifest in our “reality”. We are powerful beyond societal beliefs. We are falsely conditioned to surrender our Divine Authority, causing suffering on many levels.

We are continuously, perpetually making conscious , subconscious and unconscious choices. Every choice we make effects, determines our “reality”, our tangible life-experience, every moment of every day. Sir Isaac proved The Law of Cause and Effect, a law of physics directly reflecting the Law of karma.

The Akashic Records are accessible to anyone. As multi-dimensional beings, they are a part of us. The information offers us awareness, an understanding of what our unique Soul is like – its characteristics. Understanding the Soul’s choices, throughout its existence, is powerful on our journey to HEALING and genuine Self-expression.

Every choice carries a vibrational quality. Our choices often cause us disharmony in any or all areas of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and of course in relationships. Such choices can be discovered and HEALED through this ‘work’. They are ALL contained in The Akashic Records.

Express your Authentic Self within your human experience. Make new, positive, conscious and informed choices that are congruous with your Soul’s make-up. This will change your “reality”. You are able to restore your Divine Soul Blueprint. Living in alignment with your Divinity and Universal Law, healing past and current life negative choices, vastly improves the human experience. Think of it this way, polishing a tarnished ornament makes it radiant again – its true nature is restored. Healing past negative choices helps us to shine. That is your birthright – your Natural State. The  Soul IS The Real You and it IS magnificent.

Many of my clients have created profound change and transformed their lives.

It has been said that “Self-knowledge is the ultimate and only worthy pursuit”. It enlightens, enriches and aligns our human expression.  And it is what we take with us when we go “home”, our ultimate destination.