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Expect the unexpected. Miracles and Trust.

A Majesty’s Embrace.
She gracefully teaches the joyous enchantment.
Harmony within power.
A true teacher of collaboration, this psychic beauty.
She will fly with you into the farthest reaches.
And in dimensions beyond, when you entrust her knowing wings, a loyal kindness.
A shower of Trust and Oneness.
Freedom’s embrace.
The Graceful healer.
Horse Medicine.

I wrote that after being inspired by the following story and reflecting on my Spiritual connection with horses. Note, in Shamanic terms, the energetic qualities and characteristics of an animal are referred to as “medicine”.

It may come as a surprise, finding a blog about healing horses, on a site such as this. Well, perhaps not quite the surprise that the following story was for me.

One of my clients was experiencing great suffering. We completed our work together and off she went, as you do. Five months later, she contacted me. Another humbling healing success story – in that short time she had changed her life completely. She had immigrated, was successfully working in her newly created online business which is totally aligned with her Soul makeup. Wow, all that and more, in just months! I was delighted to hear the wonderful news. But she didn’t just connect to share the delightful feedback. She had a totally “out of the blue” request: “Our work together has created profound change in my life, so I want to ask you something. Do you work with horses?”

I was flabbergasted! Sure, animals are wonderful. I do like them, but I wouldn’t call myself a classic animal lover. Except of course for my childhood dog Dino, a magnificent pitch-black-haired Bouvier. We were the greatest of friends. However, I absolutely do love horses. It seems strange, since I have had such limited contact with them, in this lifetime. A few memorable experiences are clear in my mind. The unforgettable, exhilarating canter, despite the on-the-surface unfamiliarity, across fields in the Daintree Rainforest in north-eastern Australia, decades ago. Flying through fields, on a horse I’ve never met, not to mention riding only once before in my entire life, tells a story. A past life one, or many, no doubt. On another occasion, as an even younger lad, a more leisurely horseback stroll through another forest. That one in eastern South Africa. So yes, despite limited contact with these regal beings on the physical plane in this life, I feel incredibly connected to them. But, as my teacher used to say, “Nothing is as it seems”.

Back to my client’s unexpected enquiry and my gobsmacked response: “Wow! Um? Ok? Well, yes, of course horses have Souls, but I wouldn’t know where to start”, I said. “The Akashic Records are so vast for each Soul, that frames of reference are required in order to access the appropriate information. Horses. Hmmm?”

My client persevered, sharing that her new horse, in her adopted country, had issues that she was convinced I could help with. “And it could open up a whole new world for you”, she insisted. “Yes, I do love horses and I KNOW that there are no coincidences, so let me think about it. I will get back to you in a day or two.” I replied thoughtfully. Intrigued.

I also know that blessings can hide in unexpected places. I am an adventurer at heart. Plus, helping another being is always a privilege, so I began to figure out how to proceed. I allowed intuition and logic to flow. I had to start somewhere. Acting on what rose, I began to do some specific research. I found incredible information about healing work with animals. The love people have for their animals is beautiful. Of course I was specifically in search of info about healing for horses and how, or if I could integrate that into my practice. I found plenty that excited me. But, what humbled me deeply, was the healing work that horses – yes, the horses themselves are doing! For humans! And their “people” (I don’t like the idea of “owners”) are clearly special, developing and facilitating that work. The results are brilliant.

Back to the point of the exercise, I found what I was looking for, relating to the energetic systems of horses. I combined that with my knowledge on the human energetic systems. Now I had some ideas on how to try to help “Boreas” the horse, by creating a basic frame of reference for my questions in Boreas’ Akashic Records. I got back to my client, telling her I had some ideas, but that this was to be an experiment. She requested I proceed, which I excitedly did, though with no lack of uncertainty.

We scheduled a future date for the crucial live feedback session, just as I do with my human clients. The reading work went well for “Boreas”. His Soul was most collaborative – no surprise – the Soul is usually cooperative, unlike what sometimes occurs with the human personality or ego. The latter often regards healing work and resultant, inevitable changes, as its death! Hence the ego’s often stubborn resistance to healing. This is evidenced by “the tap on the shoulder” (from your Soul or your Guides or another Divine Being), when the Soul sees an opportunity to expand, grow and heal. But the human aspect fights and resists the inspired idea. Mostly though, but especially if prompted by suffering, I find the human does muster the courage to go ahead with the healing work, despite the ego’s fight to the bitter end. Horses are naturally courageous and while of course having personalities, clearly don’t have human-type egos.

“So how is Boreas”, you must surely be wondering? Well, the result was stupendous, I am humbled and delighted to report. My client’s feedback was in these exact words: “Boreas has changed completely!”

The client – the human one, not the horse who is now also a client (lol), was referred to me by another client. She in turn was referred by a different client. Strings of Blessings. So the message is to expect the unexpected, to trust, to go within and to have faith, because miracles, by their very nature, are beyond earthly norms. Spirit acts in beneficial ways beyond human understanding. Unless you know in your heart, The Seat of The Soul, that something is absolutely not appropriate or for you, then just try it.  You may well have been guided in that direction. The worst that can happen is you just stop, or change direction. Move on. Perhaps you learned something valuable in the process.

Through the constant practice of mindfulness and the pursuit of Self-knowledge, one learns when it’s the ego, or some negative energetic pattern in one’s “movie”, that is the hindrance to receiving. One positive choice can lead to a myriad of opportunities, miracles you never in your wildest dreams imagined. And they may contain Blessings beyond. I have experienced this many times. Inspiration Is Divine. And so are You.

I now not only work with humans, but with horses too.

Many inspired Blessings to all,


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