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I had very little understanding of what Akashic Records are but I knew it was something to explore to help heal myself on deeper levels. Jonathan gave me so much insight and a profound understanding of who I am on a soul level and why I was stuck in certain areas and then the miraculous happened. The prayers that followed helped me to shift physical and emotional problems that changed my well-being in quantum leaps! I highly recommend this as an essential part of any serious spiritual seeker’s journey to healing and growing. Dr Nadine Haberfeld

Jonathan and his work are a divine blessing! After years of battling depression and addiction I have been so positively impacted to completely turn my life around without psychological therapy or western medical rehabilitation – those methods were a repeated failure for me. The Akashic Record reading made absolute sense about my confusion and sadness about life and clarified the reasons behind my self-sabotage. Jonathan not only made me feel safe to see where I was going wrong without judgement, but he compassionately guided me to self-love. I am now overjoyed daily with anything and everything about my life and this is the deepest healing I can ever receive! Thank you Jonathan. I am eternally grateful for you. Dominique M

It was my GP that encouraged me to have my Akashic Records done with Jonathan. She’s a Medical Doctor with an appreciation for a more holistic and integrative approach. I booked the earliest available appointment and was not disappointed.

Jonathan does a very comprehensive reading. Apart from being extremely intuitive, he integrates many other aspects to substantiate his findings. His reading was fascinating and confirmed many aspects of myself that I’d felt but not known.

Our parents and schooling seldom offer us the opportunity to really understand ourselves. So we mostly bumble about trying to make something of who we are. As a result of the insights Jonathan gave me, I’m restructuring my business to allow myself to create other opportunities which better focus on my strengths and areas which I naturally find more enjoyment.  

I’d really recommend having your Akashic Records done by Jonathan, his reading provided me with very clear insights and guidelines. Nicci Roussos

I was referred to Jonathan’s practice by someone I trust implicitly, so I knew it was a good idea before she even explained what he does. His insight and attention to detail is mind blowing, I was astounded by how much information I was given in our session and as a result of that, not only am I free of certain blocks and restrictions that were deeply affecting me, I also understand myself a lot better and I’m able to make decisions going forward based on this new understanding. I am truly in awe of the gift that Jonathan brings, it has given me a sense of peace and freedom. I would highly recommend his practice. Nicole Bernhardt

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About Me


Welcome to my healing practice.

I am grateful for a vast and colourful life experience. I am driven by a deep fascination with life’s mystical journey. I am a qualified yoga teacher, student of Yogic, Buddhist and all authentic mystical sciences, Yogic philosophy and Numerology, initiated Reiki master and a certified practitioner of a healing modality called Soul Realignment®.

My journey is blessed and unconventional. I have a profound passion to penetrate the mystery of this magical human experience. Sharing this is a calling and a privilege.

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